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Social Events

2021 DiRita lab get-together post Covid-19 vaccinations

Vaccinated gathering

Now that we all are fully vaccinated, we decided to have a gathering in real life!
Left to right: Vic, Lucas, Ritam, Ted, Rhia, and Beth


2020 DiRita lab reunion via zoom

DiRita zoom reunion


Lucas presents at IPSTP


Lucas presenting his work at the IPSTP (Integrative Pharmacological Sciences Training Program) retreat at MSU (2020)


DiRita holiday party


2019 MSU MMG Departmental Tailgate
hosted by MMG Post-Docs

Collage of the 2019 MSU departmental tailgate

All 2019 tailgate photos courtesy of Alessandra Hunt


2019 lab outing: a day at Berry Lake

collage of our day at the lake lab outing


Collage Figure Legend:
Top left: going for a boat ride
Top middle: Ritam kayaking
Top right: Ted, Ritam, Beth, and Lucas
Bottom left: Lucas kayaking
Bottom middle: enjoying the hot tub
Bottom right: Beth paddle boarding 


2019 ASM collage


Natalia's going away party


Celebrating Natalia’s time in the lab (2019).
Left to right standing in back: Lucas, Jab, Natalia, Ted, Beth
Left to right sitting on sofa: Vic, Sarah, Ritam
Left to right kneeling in front: Rhia and Sammy the dog


Oktoberfest 2018

Melissa and Sarah playing a
game of giant Connect Four
at Oktoberfest 2018 in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Posing in front of the giant beer steins at Oktoberfest 2018 in Frankenmuth, Michigan
Left to right: Ritam, Kevin, Frankie, Rhia, Ted, Melissa, and Sarah


Boating on Ted’s family’s lake 2018

Ted, Natalia, and Rhia

Enjoying an evening boat ride (2018):
Front row: Kate and Natalia;
Middle row: Vic and Ed;
Back row: Ted, Julie, and Lizzie


Ted, Rhia, and Natalia sitting in the lake
at Ted's family's house

Group photo at MMG PDA 2018


MMG Post-Doc Association Tailgate: Group Photo (2018)


MMG PDA tailgate 2018

Enjoying the MMG PDA tailgate (2018)


Natalia at 2018 ASM


DiRita lab representatives at ASM Microbe Conference in Atlanta, GA (2018);
Image to the left: Natalia with Vic at her poster;
Bottom left image: Ritam with Vic at his poster;
Bottom right image: Lucas with Vic at his poster


Ritam at 2018 ASMLucas at 2018 ASM



Conference attendees relaxing at an informal dinner after ASM conference (2018);
Left to right: Lucas, Laura, Natalia, and Ritam


Group dinner after ASM


Ted at 2018 Midwest Vibrio SummitLucas at 2018 Midwest Vibrio Summit

DiRita lab representatives at the Midwest Vibrio Summit at Indiana University (2018);
Left image: Ted presenting a talk about how Vibrio cholerae interacts with mucin (image courtesy of Chris Waters);
Right image: Lucas presenting his poster about TcpH domains that inhibit TcpP proteolysis



DiRita lab undergraduates presenting their posters at MSU UURAF (2018)
left to right: Ben, Alyssa, Joe


DiRita lab Christmas party 2017

DiRita lab Christmas (2017);
Back row (on the stairs): Alyssa, Natalia, Rhia, Joe
Front row: Ted, Cameron, Philip, Vic, Shaun, Ritam, Nils


DiRita lab at 2017 MSU MMG tailgate


DiRita lab at the MSU MMG tailgate (2017);
Back row: Lucas, Vic, JJ, Nils, Ted
Front row: Joe, Natalia, Rhia, Shaun


Grillmaster Phil at the MSU MMG tailgate

Grillmaster Phil cooking chicken wings for the MSU MMG tailgate (2017)

Washer toss game at MSU MMG tailgate

Matt and Josh playing washer toss at the MSU MMG tailgate while Phil officiates (2017)


MSU representatives at 2017 Mi-ASM


MSU representatives at Michigan ASM Fall meeting (2017);
Included are members of the DiRita, Dufour, Hammer, and Kroos labs at Michigan State University


Collage of Vic and Ted at 2017 ASM Microbe

Collage of Vic and Ted at ASM Microbe Conference in New Orleans (2017)


Melissa's going away snack time


Celebrating with Melissa (2017);
back row to front: Vic, Ted;
Rhia, Kate, Lucas;
Natalia, Joe;
Ritam, Melissa


Setting up for the 2017 Science Festival

Setting up for the Science Festival (2017);
left to right: Jeff, Ben, Laura, Geoff

Science Festival demonstrations 2017

Presenters demonstrating various topics at the Science Festival (2017)


Shaun and his poster at 2017 MSU UURAF

Shaun at his poster for MSU UURAF (2017)

Ben and his poster at 2017 MSU UURAF

Ben at his poster for MSU UURAF (2017)


Lab group photo at 2017 Mi-ASM


DiRita Lab at Mi-ASM (2017);
back row: Vic, Ted, Shaun, Lucas;
front row: Ritam, Natalia, Rhia, Joe


Ritam at 2017 MiASM

Ritam at his poster at Mi-ASM (2017)

Joe and his poster at 2017 Mi-ASM

Joe at his poster at Mi-ASM (2017)


2016 Lab Christmas party group photo


DiRita Lab Christmas (2016);
back row: Vic, Shaun, Ted, Ben;
middle row: Lucas, Natalia, Cole, Melissa, Rhia, Ritam, Alicia;
front row (sitting): Joe, Alex, Marisa 


DiRita lab representatives at 2016 microbiology retreat

Representatives from the DiRita lab at the joint UM-MSU microbiology retreat (2016); left to right: Vic, Ted, Natalia, Rhia

2016 microbiology retreat group photo

Posing at Gull Lake before leaving the joint UM-MSU microbiology retreat (2016); left to right: Pallavi (Manning lab), Rhia (DiRita lab), Alessandra (Waters lab), Natalia (DiRita lab), Phil (Hammer lab)


DiRita and Waters lab at 2016 MMPC

DiRita and Waters labs group photo at MMPC (2016);
back row (left to right): Ted, Michael, Geoff, Nico;
front row (left to right): Rhia, Natalia, Dulce


2016 MMG PDA tailgate

MMG Post-Doc Association Tailgate: Group Photo (2016)

Grillmaster Phil 2016

Grillmaster Phil at MMG Post-Doc Association Tailgate (2016)


DiRita Lab members: old and new

Jessica's defense celebration (2016);
back row (left to right): Jeff, Ted, Vic, Drew, Wei Ping, Joe, Cole;
front row (left to right): Jessica, Jyl, Rhia, Natalia

Jessica and Vic

Jessica and Vic after Jessica's defense (2016)


JJ with the Boss Logg sandwich

JJ in defeat

JJ’s going away lunch at Meat Southern BBQ and Carnivore Cuisine (2016). JJ attempted the "Ultimate Carnivore Food Challenge": eat the "Boss Logg" and Made-to-order Mac-N-Cheese in 45 minutes. If finished, you get the meal for free, a free t-shirt, a beer on the house, and your picture on the wall of fame. Twenty four minutes into the challenge and JJ is giving up. He couldn't pack it all away. Alas, next time, JJ, next time!


Lea's going away party

Lea's going away party (2016);
left to right: Natalia, Rhia, Ted, Lea, Marisa, Shaun


Lab group picture at 2016 graduation lunch

Lab group photo at Morgan and Marisa's graduation lunch (2016); back row (left to right): Ted, Vic, JJ, Shaun; front row (left to right): Natalia, Rhia, Morgan, Marisa, Alex

Lab group photo 2016

Lab group photo (2016); back row (left to right): JJ, Vic, Ted; front row (left to right): Lea, Natalia, Morgan, Marisa, Rhia


Lab picture at 2015 Mi-ASM

Lab group photo at MiASM (2015);
back row (left to right): Rhia, Patrick, JJ, Vic;
front row (left to right): Marisa, Jessica, Morgan