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Rhiannon LeVeque, M.S.

Rhiannon LeVeque

Lab Manager
Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
2011 M.S. Industrial Microbiology, Michigan State University
2004 B.S. Microbiology, Michigan State University




The two major pathogenicity determinants of Vibrio cholerae, cholera toxin and toxin coregulated pilus, are under the control of two transcriptional activators, ToxR and TcpP. These activators are encoded in operons with genes whose products, ToxS and TcpH, are hypothesized to stabilize ToxR and TcpP. The degradation of TcpP has previoulsy been shown to be by a two-step proteolysis termed regulated intramembrane proteolysis (RIP). TcpH has been shown to protect TcpP from the initial RIP cleavage. Currently, I am working to elucidate the mechanism of interaction between TcpH and TcpP and how that interaction protects TcpP from RIP.